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At Terra Capital, we invest in entrepreneurs who seek to disrupt existing business models. Terra Capital focuses on investing in and supporting top-tier start-ups for which "disruption" is a key driver of their competitive advantages.

Leveraging the experiences and networks of our partners and advisors, Terra Capital provides our portfolio companies with support for business expansion.

Terra Capital focuses primarily in Thailand, Hong Kong and Singapore but will also invest in companies from other countries in South East Asia.


Diversify: We look at each business on its own merits and are not industry or geographically constrained.

Invest: A clear and detailed investment schedule providing capital injection and services from Angel through to Series B

Consult: With a hands on approach to our potential investees we advise on all operational aspects of your company including but not limited to market penetration, business development, company formation, work space solutions and talent acquisition

Expand: With daily access to our cross industry / functional team all the tools are in place to help you achieve your growth through a consultative and dynamic approach

As an integral part of our business, Terra Capital is continually searching and appraising opportunities that may compliment the assets and management capabilities of Terra Capital.



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